Let JNJHome Inspection Services ensure that you’re buying, selling or warranty inspection is done thoroughly, top to bottom.

We thoroughly inspect and report on all materials inside and outside your property such as structural timber frames, joists, rafters & any wood finishing. Our exterminators will even take into account your landscape, timbers, pavers, trees and tree stumps.

JNJ Exterminators team of Licensed & Certified professionals is here to protect you from pests throughout the year. Our approach is not only effective in controlling pests, it also helps prevent and reduce pest populations, reduces the use unwarranted use and makes your home a pest free environment!


Once you make an offer on a home, your Purchase Contract will likely contain terms allowing you various inspections of the property. The objective of these inspections is to educate you as to the physical condition of the property you are acquiring. Even though these inspections do not provide guarantees of the condition of the property, they do provide useful information to you as a Buyer. It is very important keep in mind that your Purchase Contract may provide for withdrawal from the agreement if these reports are unsatisfactory. Inspections should not be deemed an open door to renegotiate the purchase price, or a way to get out of a contract.


Often referred to as a “Termite Report”, the Structural Pest Control Inspection is carried out by a qualified inspector. In addition to actual termite damage, the Pest Report will indicate any type of wood destroying microorganisms that may be present, including Fungi (sometimes called “dry rot”), which usually is caused by excessive moisture.

We can remove your problem with:

Bees & Wasps
Stink Bugs
Bed Bugs


December / January: Rodents are always active and spiders can be easily found. In this service dormant oil is used to reduce the number of honeydew producing soft bodied insects during their dormant overwintering stage. This service keeps your plants protected and healthier in the spring and prevents ants and wasps in the spring and summer months.

February / March: During February and March we inspect and treat the outside perimeter of your home. We do this simply because many pests – like rodents, spiders, birds, millipedes, and earwigs – overwinter in the soil along the foundation and are beginning to emerge. Additionally remove spider webs and spider sacs that are visible on the exterior surfaces. This treatment reduces spider populations and prevents pests from emerging in warmer temperatures.

April / May: Customers can expect an inspection and treatment around the foundation walls of the home. Since temperatures are warming up- pests like ants, rodents, spiders, wasps, ladybugs, box elder bugs, flies, and stink bugs are becoming more visible. As activity begins to multiple, our attention centers on pests further from your structure to avoid them before they enter your home. These emerging insects can be extremely bothersome, and prove the value in our fall preventive applications.

June / July: During these summer months our pest control professionals inspect walkways, landscape areas, fences, electrical lines entering the structure etc. to find new infestations that are moving closer to the structure as they enter your property. Your technician will be inspecting for signs of rodents, ants, spiders, ground beetle, rove beetles, and other occasional invaders.

August / September: As summer starts to change into fall, our pest control professionals start to protect your home by looking for ants, spiders, millipedes, rodents, many other occasional invaders, and the overwintering insect activity that begins in September. During this time, pests become more attractive to water and food is in short supply as the season comes to an end.

October / November: During this time, we inspect and treating the outside area of your home for ants, millipedes, spiders, rodents, overwintering insects. This is the time when the pests are trying to get inside your home.

If you have pest issues that continue in between/after your services just let us know, we will return to address your concerns at no additional cost to you.

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